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Tiger and Sabbir should be banned from working together for a bit, it will help them evolve creatively. Producers, take note!

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A Sabbir Khan fare, traditionally, has been the industry’s most pointless stuff. Not to say he is a bad director, but his area of expertise is clearly repackaging stories and selling them in new formats. In many ways, Baaghi was the same as Heropanti. Now the fact that story isn’t a draw here, has been established, we move on to the film. Erm, so Baaghi, I am sorry, I mean Munna Michael is a part-dance, part-action extravaganza. It’s watchable if that’s all your concern. It’s not difficult to sell action or dance when one hires Tiger Shroff. But is that all we expect from films? Considering bars are constantly risen, the film feels horridly outdated. But that’s always been the case with Khan and Shroff’s team affairs. The films have the most overwrought dialogues. Joggle your brains to recollect – Sabko aati nahin, meri jaati nahin… which was the longest running toilet joke in my household. Munna Michael has a few of those, like the one in trailer – Munna jhagda nahin karta, Munna sirf peet-ta hai. Your patience needs to start miles ahead if you don’t have the bandwidth for this vein of cinema. 

A man named Michael, found a little boy whom he raised as his own, thus he’s called Munna Michael. It’s not clear what he does for a living but dance is in his blood. He dances like a dream (I am not sarcastic about this one!) and makes every scene look fabulous. But that’s all there is to the film. Oh and yes, there is Nawazuddin Siddiqui, who plays Mahinder. He gets the best moments in the film. When it’s an actor like Siddiqui, he creates his moments (Remember Raees?) Despite the overwhelming display of sheer shoddiness, he shines. And by default and design, so does Tiger – his dance and stunts warrantee that. Leaving all eyes on Niddhi, the debutante struggling to match up to all the mediocrity that surrounds us. She is strictly adequate, her ding dang steps are snazzy, she looks like a million bucks and in times of nepotism talks, she is a non star-kid, toiling to earn her own. Whether she is given enough chance for it in this film is questionable. All the PR exercise suggests that Sabbir launches newcomers. He gave the industry Kriti Sanon and now Niddhi, commendable woah! But, to a layman who cares neither about nepotism nor about star kids, just about his 200 bucks he will waste in the theatre, the choice of newbie is rather poor. No one in the film is aiming for Oscars anyway, but in terms of acting standards, the film doesn’t aim for much. 

The dance and the hasi mazak could’ve pulled us through two hours but then Khan wanted to make it dramatic. There is way too much soppiness to handle about ailing fathers and fathers disapproving of their child’s career. The love triangle looks forced and the fact that Tiger and Niddhi have zero chemistry doesn’t help the film either. So what you are left with is a bunch of ooh-la-la songs, oh-waow dances and agile action (so damn hot!). The du’uh climax is such a downer. Well, then again, most of the film is. The choice is yours – you can either jhelo the baarish or the film. The former seems to be a better option, anyday. 

Tiger and Sabbir should be banned from working together for a bit, it will help them evolve creatively. Producers, take note!

We rate the film a 40% on the Pinkvilla Movie meter. 

PS: If you are wondering what’s Michael Jackson about the film, frankly, there is nothing MJ about it. Except the fact that a bunch of his fans got together to Bollywoodise his work. The MJ cloak is a trap don’t fall for it!

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