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The jukebox of Baahubali 2 is finally out and the music of the film will make you desperate for the film to release on the big screen.



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Baahubali – The Conclusion or Baahubali 2‘s trailer has created a stir amongst all the fans and they are waiting for the film to hit the screens on April 28, this year. Going by the hype, the film’s music has to meet the expectations and clearly, it does make a revolution. The jukebox is out and the music of the film will make you desperate for Baahubali to release on the big screen. 

Here’s our music review: 

Saahore Baahubali

Bhali bhali bhali ra bhali Saahore Bahubali Bhali bhali bhali ra bhali Saahore Bahubali….Heyssa rudhrassa Heysarabhadra samudhrassa 

Here comes Baahubali. The song celebrates the grandeur of Mahendra Baahubali and well, it’s an introductory song and fits the bill. Those who have watched Baahubali: The Beginning might know the powers that Shivudu aka Prabhas has! For music buffs, this song has a lot to offer to. In the starting, you get to hear the tunes of Mridangam, Tavil, drums and then slowly it transcends to soft tunes of violin. Sung by Daler Mehendi, M.M.Keeravaani and Mounima, Saahore Baahubali does make you feel that victory is not far behind, just keep working.The music is such that it’ll make you restless and you would start counting days as the wait for the release would be a little more difficult.

Hamsa Naava

Comes the romantic song of the album and it is indeed a soothing one. With their vocals, Sony and Deepu make the song worth listening to again and again. And if you are in love, this song might become one of your favourites in the playlist. The song starts with the tunes of drums and music only intensifies as it progresses. What caught out attention the most is when there in an intersection of violin, thalam, tavil and drums. Hats Off. Oroori raajaa, Veeraadhi veeraa, Oroori raajaa, Veeraadhi veeraa – lyrics by Chaithanya Prasad does rest of the wonders for the song. All credits to the music director, M.M. Keeravaani and his selection of the instruments and the singers for this one.

Kannaa Nidurinchara

Kannaa Nidurinchara, by Sreenidhi and V. Srisoumya, might work as a remedy for your sleepless nights. Wondering why? Well, it seems like a lullaby and it will make you recall your childhood days. Here the singer is referring to Lord Krishna and it is that beautiful that your tears will come down rolling your cheeks. The song offers us a buffet of musical instruments and gives a proper carnatic music feel. Venu, tambura, harmonium, ghatam – what all you need to make a song perfect. What will blow your mind is the sargam sung so beautifully – Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni Sa, Sa Ni Dha Pa Ma Ga Re Sa. 


Dandaalayyaa is a situational song! It might come at that point where all people will be seen paying their respect to Mahendra Baahubali. Going by the music, it seems like everyone is getting ready for the war front and they want to stop Baahubali, but the song will soon get into celebratory tunes. Padamara kondallo, Vaalina sooreeda, Pagilina kotalane Vadilina maaredaa – lyrics by  M.M. Keeravaani are worth taking a note of. Kaala Bhairava’s vocals take the song to an entirely different well. Talking about the musical instruments, you have acoustic guitar, violin, veena, paino and keyboard onboard and the arrangement works wonders for this song.  

Oka Praanam

Two years of wait! Why did Kattapa kill Baahubali? This song will come when the things will finally be revealed. The song talks about one soul and one sacrifice. Once again, Kaala Bhairava’s powerful vocals will give you goosebumps. Instruments like tavil, violin and guitar does the rest of the job. Hands Down.

Verdict: Music director M.M.Keeravaani has done a commendable job for SS Rajamouli’s film, Baahubali 2. From the setting of the musical arrangements to the singers, everything is just perfect. 

We give it 85 out of 100 on the Pinkvilla meter.

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