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Helicopter Eela Movie Review: Helicopter Eela is the awakening of the individual personality in Eela (Kajol), who lost herself in becoming the overprotective mother of Vivan (Riddhi Sen)

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There’s a dinner scene in Helicopter Eela with Eela, her son Vivan and Eela’s estranged husband Arun where Vivan asks, “Kya aapko unki zaroorat hai?” To which, Eela counter questions, “Kya tumhe zaroorat hai?” And Vivan shakes his head thus innocently showing the strong mother-son bond. This is one of the many tender moments that Kajol and Riddhi Sen share in this slice-of-life drama. However, what kills the moments is the overdrama which is just like Eela, too Helicopterish. 

Helicopter Eela is the awakening of the individual personality in Eela (Kajol), who lost herself in becoming the overprotective mother of Vivan (Riddhi Sen). While the first half sees the 1994 Eela, full of hopes and aspirations to become a playback singer, the second half shows the relationship between Eela and her teenager son Vivan. All Indian mothers can relate to the protective nature of Eela while there is a frustrated Vivan in all teenagers. 




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Kajol makes her comeback of sorts with this movie but her loud acting has now run its course. While in the first half, the actress is too OTT, the second half sees a subdued version which works like a charm for us. On the other hand, Riddhi, who makes his Bollywood debut with Helicopter Eela is a breath of fresh air which is calm, composed and watchable on-screen. Their chemistry is there from the get-go and those tender scenes perfectly balance out their strengths – Kajol being Kajol an Riddhi adding the serenity. A special mention to Neha Dhupia and a personal request to have her as a supporting in many films as she shines as Vivan’s teacher. Tota Roy Choudhary does not have a meaty enough role and is more like the metaphor of a trophy husband. 

Pradeep Sarkar and Anand Gandhi give us an adapted screenplay which has major flaws in it and if it weren’t for the cast, would have dwindled further. The dialogues are extremely on your face and are not memorable enough to requote. The music plays a major factor in the film and takes us back to the 90’s with a Anu Malik and Babul Supriyo cameo. It brings the flavour of nostalgia but was stretched way too long.




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There’s another scene where a frustrated Vivan confides in his girlfriend over how frustrating his mom is but that he loves her as well. That’s how I felt about Eela too – part love and part frustrated. 

So is Helicopter Eela worthy of a watch? Well, you could bring your mom to the theatres and there may be a tear or two and if melodrama works for you still, then flock the theatres. Else, you can just catch up with her for dinner instead.

We rate this film a 50 percent in the movie meter.

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