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As Chef talks about fixing the strained relationships, the jukebox has to have both emotional and fun songs. Chef’s music is surely refreshing and does give us a break from the revamped versions of the old Bollywood songs.

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Chef is the official adaptation of Jon Favreau’s Hollywood film Chef which shows the relationship between a father and his son. The film stars Saif Ali Khan, Svar Kamble, Padmapriya and Chandan Roy Sanyal in the lead roles. Going by the trailer, we had an idea that the film is a little hatke and on a lighter side and the music too has to give the same vibe. As the film talks about fixing the strained relationships, the jukebox has to have both emotional and fun songs. 

Here’s our music review of Saif Ali Khan’s Chef:
Shugal Laga Le 

Ghoome awaara se mere kadam jahan, Banta gaya bas rastaa, Raahi mile jahan bhi pagle manmouji jo… Paar lagegi naiya, Gham bhula ke shugal laga le, Rang jamaa ke shugal laga le, Befikar tu shugal lagaate ja
Shugal Laga Le, sung by Raghu Dixit, comes as a breath of fresh air as it looked like Bollywood is missing out on some originality – but this song does debunk the myth. It’s a little different as ‘Shugal Laga Le’ is not a common phrase. Shugal is an Urdu word which translates to ‘do something/have fun’. The song does have that tribal song sort of a vibe and if you are one who understands music, you would agree if I say that there is a great ensemble of Spanish guitars with Banjo. There is a fusion of African, Spanish and Karnatic beats. The lyrics by Ankur Tewari also adds freshness to the song. In short, the song will grow on you and sitting at the office, you will be transported to the jungles of Africa. 
Tere Mere

Are you missing that special person? Well, the song Tere Mere fits the bill then. As we say any Bollywood movie is incomplete without that quintessential romantic song and here we have Tere Mere. The song will leave you teary-eyed, all courtesy to lyrics – Faisley jo kiye, Faasley hi mile, Raahein judaa kyun ho gayi, Na tu ghalat, na main sahi, Le ja mujhe saath tere, Mujhko na rehna saath mere. Sung by Armaan Malik and composed by Amaal Malik, the song has a recall value and you would love to listen to it on loop. The song has a buffet of musical instruments to offer to – acoustic guitar, dholaks, bass guitar and drums. 

Another soulful track from Chef, Darmiyaan, will bring a smile on your face. Raghu Dixit, through his powerful vocals, takes the song to another level and the song will land up making you emotional. The lyrics by Ankur Tewari cast that special spell and you would find yourself thinking about all the things that have gone wrong in your relationship and wish just to go back in time and fix it right. The tunes of acoustic guitar add to the whole setting. Hats Off!
Tan Tan

Tan Tan will give you proper jazz vibes and it’s refreshing to the ears. Nikita Gandhi’s vocals add that punk to the song and trust me if I say that you would just be carried away with this song. The song is a little misfit, but barring that fact – Tan Tan has its own space and you would surely love the song. 
Khoya Khoya

If a song starts with the tunes of sarangi, acoustic guitar and drums, you know a beautiful composition is in store for you and Khoya Khoya is no different. It has that classical touch fused with a western vibe which makes the song even more soothing. Coming to lyrics by Ankur Tewari, it’s a brilliant way to put the fact that everyone is lost and is searching for that right path to walk on. Shahid Mallya has done justice to this modern ghazal. If you are going through a tough phase in your life, the song will surely make you cry. 

After listening to Banjara, you would really thank music composer Raghu Dixit that he got Vishal Dadlani on board as no one could have done this song the way he has sung. If you are upset, we suggest you to just listen to this song as the lyrics will uplift your mood. It fits into the category of a travel song and if you are the one who loves exploring unexplored roads, Banjara is your go-to song. 
Verdict: Chef’s music is surely refreshing and does give us a break from the revamped versions of the old Bollywood songs. 

We give it an 85 out of 100 on the Pinkvilla Meter!

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